Our High-Performance Power Dialler – can Revolutionise your Business.

Optimise outbound performance with PCXCom’s advanced power dialler . Increase revenue and improve profitability through higher customer contact rates, and extraordinary productivity gains of up to 300% from manual dialling.

The PCXCom dialler is often the single biggest productivity driver introduced into organisations. The PCXCom dialler is the dialler of choice for many industry sectors. Due to its sophistication in presenting agents with live ‘pick-up’ calls only, it is efficiently screening non-productive calls. It filters call such as busy, disconnected numbers, no-answers, faxes & answering machines.The dialler has the capability of increasing agent ‘speak-time’ to around 45-50 minutes every hour – meaning agents consistently spend around 80% of their time on the phone. Agents are either acquiring new customers, selling to customer.

Client Acquisition – Power Dialler / Predictive Dialler

The PCXCom power dialler is designed for high-performance business applications.  Its ability to interact across multiple communication channels, blending inbound, outbound and other channels,  in real-time means that you have greater chance to get through to your prospective customer. Connecting to your customer creates sales opportunities and which will increase your sales.

Agents can spend more time talking with Predictive Dialler Technology


Maximum Dialling Efficiency  – Our Dialler’s Engine

Cosmetics aside, what counts is the engine under the hood – the heart of the dialler.  The PCXCom dialler is designed to be a thoroughbred, built from the ground up with a high performance architecture and advanced algorithms providing both dialling capability and operational flexibility. It supports multiple modes, like power dialler mode,  that allows seamless change.  This allows campaign specific modes for optimal performance and even on-the-fly changes. You can  adopt to changes in data and environment. Use predictive dialler mode for maximum contacts on new or poor quality data, switch to progressive dialler mode for existing higher value clients and power dialler mode for set and forget.

Made for and in Australian conditions, our dialler  has been tested and proven at the enterprise level with hundreds of seats through to the at-home agent style operations. It can scaled up or down to suit any size call centre.

PCXCom Dialler Features

  1. Scalability – Unlimited & unrestricted number of agents logging into system from multiple locations
  2. Flexibility – ability to make operational changes without effecting campaign performance ie;
    1. Interchangeable Dialling modes – Progressive , Predictive, Power, Preview, Broadcast
    2. Customisable Scripts
    3. Customisable Wrap-ups
    4. Agent Status – dynamic login of outbound, inbound & blended
    5. Agent Dynamic Logins to different campaigns / skills
    6. Telecommunications – any number of lines & allocation
    7. Multi-Channel Communications
    8. Dynamic Answering Machine Detection – turned Off or On, with recorded messages, live agent or speech assisted voice response.
  3. Reduced Running Costs
  4. Innovation – ability to continuously upgrade software
  5. CRM Integration
  6. Support – expertise in servicing systems built by PCXCom & not re-badged and unsupported open source software.

Effective Contact Data Management

The PCXCom dialler is significantly more than an efficient dialling mechanism. Firstly, the superior processing and management of contact data increases optimises customer contact rates to the level you’d expect from a quality dialling back-end. Secondly, call outcomes are also optimised through highly effective data processes and business practices.

Supervisor can Monitor and Control Power Dialler Mode from Anywhere

Customer Interaction Management (CIM)

The CIM tracking tool of the PCXCom predictive dialler function optimises campaign performance, via effective use of contact data and easy reference of customer history by call centre agents. Moreover, the CIM function facilitates the  creation of robust, highly qualified prospect databases; improving the effectiveness of the sales effort; and indeed shortening the sales-cycle.

Importantly, as the status of each prospect/client changes with on-going interactions, contact databases can be enhanced and segmented to reflect changes made throughout the different stages of the sales cycle ie; from raw prospects to highly qualified leads with ‘intent to buy or re-purchase’. Lists can also be generated using filters such as; geographics, demographics and psychographics.

Flexible Dialling Modes

The PCXCom predictive dialler has three interchangeable and dynamic dialler modes, plus; a ‘click to call’ function and manual dialling. Supervisors can change the dialler mode from one mode to another without interrupting a campaign, nor detrimentally effecting campaign performance. For instance, a Supervisor may initially opt to use the ‘Predictive’ mode to intuitively determine the next available agent, but shift to ‘Power’ mode during the lunch period when there are fewer agents.

  • Predictive Dialler Mode A sophisticated algorithm predicts availability of free agents.
  • Power Dialler Mode ‘Agent Ready’ for calls. Agents instruct the system that they are ready for another call.
  • Progressive Dialler Mode ‘Agent Review’ – often used for high value calls when agents need to prepare for calls with time based control.
  • Preview Dialler Mode  – ‘Agent Review’ – often used for high value calls when agents need to prepare for calls.
  • Click to Call – Agent clicks next phone number to call.
  • Manual – Internal and external calls made via agent handsets or softphones.
  • Broadcast Dialler Mode – for automated delivery of recorded messages or automated scripts such as surveys.

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Answering Machine & VoiceMail Detection

Sophisticated Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is the mark of a quality dialler. Importantly, AMD is significantly ore than a ‘nice to have function’, it is in fact, a critical element in gaining productivity by vetting answering machines and voicemails.

Quality AMD also enables businesses to adopting smart business practices with three options available to deal with non-productive answering machine and voicemail calls; 1) ‘system hang-up’, whereby calls are not passed onto agents 2) customised or generic automated messages, and 3) customised messages by agents. Moreover, Supervisors can elect to have the AMD function either switched on or off to suit the dynamics of the different stages or type of campaigns.

PCXCom AMD function will not only improve call centre  productivity, it also reduces the operating costs in telecommunications – not having to pay for the full length of calls that are answered by an answering machines or voicemails.


Monitor Power Dialler In Real time

The PCXCom Dialler will change the way you do business

Given the complexity of predictive dialler technology, its important to choose a technology partner that has developed its own software from the ground up, and a partner that has a proven track record in operating and managing systems in large call centres that have hundreds of seats. This is an important litmus test, as only robust, reliable and quality systems can operate in such an environment. Regardless of the size of your operation, reliability is paramount, therefore PCXCom is a trusted business partner.