Fully Automated Contact Centre

Automated Dialler

Need your agents working through your calling list as quickly and effectively as possible.
Run your team with our Progressive (Power) Dialler to reduce agent idle time.
Increase the agent to line ratio so you maintain productivity.
Switch between Preview, Power (Progressive) or Predictive modes with the same list. Learn what is the most effective way to call your lists.
Our product is Australian made and operated with the development team working with the service and support team in a constant product improvement cycle.

24×7 Customer Service Response

Reduce costly labour costs with the PCXCom Automated Call Centre. Standard features of the Automated Call Centre include; Company Greeting; Recorded Messages; Interactive Voice Response (IVR); Automated Call Distribution (ACD); Automated Speech Recognition (ASR); Credit Card Payment Gateway; Website Click-to-Call & SMS. The service comes complete with 1300 numbers, a VPN, and a change management screen to alter queues, recorded messages and the IVR.

Available as both an On-premise system and Cloud-based service, the Automated Call Centre provides an efficient means of providing a quality service without human intervention. Customers are greeted by your company message with customised prompts as either a standard IVR with DTMF requests ie; “push 1 for an update of services, or Speech Recognition ie; “to verify your account details, please tell me your account number” – or it can be configured as a combination of both.

Moreover, Recorded Messages can keep customers up to date with relevant information; Customers can also be directed to payment gateways to make immediate payments; Calls can be generated from your Website; or Customers can be sent SMS alerts or responses to enquiries.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

The ACD is a highly sophisticated queuing function with unlimited Queues and number of lines. Features also include; Music on Hold, Estimated Answering Time; Automated Call-Back to hang-ups; Automated Call-Back requests; Skills-Based Routing; and Call Priority Options.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR’s can be configured as simple DTMF set-ups such as push ‘1’ for Service Updates, ‘2’ to make a Payments etc; or alternatively sophisticated configurations that incorporate Text to Speech (TTS) for personal verification applications or the likes.
Queue & Script Change Management
Managers can easily change queue routing across multiple channels; and indeed change IVR messages via the functions on the Management screen.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Speech Recognition technology is often used for rapid response applications and/or those applications that facilitate the mobility of customers ie; applications that require call recipients to verify their identity is often far more effective using ASR, as against a standard IVR.
Moreover, Speech Recognition technology enhances the customer experience by removing layers in the traditional IVR. Referred to as Intelligent Call Steering (ICS), the technology quickly guides customers to agents that are best equipped to assist them with enquiries.

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Change Management

The operational flexibility of PCXCom Automated Call Centre facilitates dynamic change management ie; queue routing, IVR’s etc.

Payment Facilitation

PCXCom Automated Call Centre integrates with both merchant bank and internal payment gateways – as required. Likewise, PCXCom call centre systems are fully integrated with payment gateways such as Eway, Ezidebit and PayPal. Furthermore, verbal agreements and payment arrangements made with agents can be recorded, with credit card payments made in accordance with PCI-DSS call recording and data requirements.

Fully automated Payment processing via Tones and Speech/Voice assistance is available for US and Australia.