Extraordinary Customer Engagement.

Client Acquisition | Retention | OmniChannel Communications

Engage with your customers in the most relevant, timely and efficient means with PCXCom call centre technology – suitable for insurance types; Home, Car, Income Protection, Health & Life Insurances. Gain sustained competitive advantage via the PCXCom OmniChannel – an advanced call centre communications platform, that not only facilitates dynamic customer engagement across multiple channels, but does so in an intuitive and integrated manner. Furthermore, the flexibility and agility of PCXCom call centre technology equips insurance companies with the capability to deal with the ebbs and flows of day to day business activities.

Customer Facing Engagement

PCXCom call centre technology enables the coldface of insurance organisations to meet the challenges of constant change in a dynamic marketplace. Moreover, the OmniChannel communications platform provides organisations with the capability to communicate with relevance, and in a timely and accurate manner across multiple channels, such as; Voice, SMS, Email, Voice Broadcasting, Instant Messaging, Click-to-Call, IVR, Social Media and Web.

Inbound | Outbound | Fully Blended

PCXCom call centre technology provides business operations with the capability to run high volume inbound, outbound and fully blended campaigns, and in addition, prioritise inbound calls and web enquiries. Likewise, agents can operate across multiple campaigns (inbound and/or outbound), with specific scripts, FAQ, Skills-Based Routing and reporting. Moreover, Skills-Based Routing directs customers to the most appropriate agents, based on individual and/or group skill levels of particular products, and/or ability to respond via different channels ie; Voice, SMS, Web, Email etc. Core components include; Automatic Call Distribution (ACD); Interactive Voice Response (IVR); Automated Speech Recognition (ASR); Call Recording; IP PBX; and Predictive Dialler.

OmniChannel Communications

Insurance companies gain capability to communicate with customers, with both relevance and immediacy via the OmniChannel platform, communicating across multiple channels ie; Voice, SMS, Email, Voice Broadcasting, Web-Chat, Click-to-Call, IVR, Social Media and Website.  Moreover, companies gain end-to-end transparency of the ‘customer journey’, and thereby build customer loyalty and satisfaction in the process. Likewise, the endless capabilities of the Omnichannel platform offers a more personalised approach across the different touchpoints of a ‘customer’s journey’ – whereby enhanced relationships ultimately have a positive effect on top-line and bottom-line performance.

New Policies

Attend to new policy opportunities ahead of your competitors. Likewise, drive high performance through cross-sell and up-sell campaigns with PCXCom call centre systems. Moreover, communicate with relevance, and in a timely manner via the PCXCom OmniChannel platform; in particular the Inbound Contact Management ACD & IVR and Predictive Dialler functions.

Moreover, PCXCom call centre technology provides insurance companies with the capability to manage inbound sales opportunities in both a prompt and efficient manner – and across multiple channels. Likewise, in a fully blended environment, inbound leads and web enquiries can be prioritised over outbound activities in order to optimise sales opportunities ahead of your competitors.

Policy Renewals

Effectively manage lapsed policies and renewals via the PCXCom OmniChannel platform. OmniChannel functions, such as the predictive dialler, SMS and Voice Broadcasting can be effectively used to conduct campaigns to reduce policy churn. Moreover, companies increasingly use PCXCom call centre technology to efficiently make contact with client bases, in order to secure clientele, cross-sell, up-sell. follow-up renewals, or solicit interest in new insurance products.


The PCXCom OmniChannel platform, used in conjunction with CRM’s, enables insurance organisations to effectively communicate with customers in regard to claims. Functions such as the predictive dialler and inbound contact management ACD & IVR facilitate both proactive and reactive engagement with customers in relationship.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

PCXCom call centre technology manages both straight forward customer surveys with only a few questions, or alternatively, comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys to ascertain customer satisfaction levels. Phoning into customer databases with the predictive dialler function makes this a highly efficient and effective process. Post-call surveys can also provide immediate feedback of customer service levels.


Accounts Receivable

Reduce your Debtor Day KPI with the comprehensive functionality of PCXCom systems. Moreover, manage your Accounts Receivable (AR) process with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Core functions include; Predictive Dialler, Click-to-Dial, Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Scripts & FAQ, PCI DSS compliant Credit Card payments, and Payment Gateways with either your merchant bank or with companies such as Eway, Paypal and EziDebit.


Optimise the performance of your website with PCXCom functions such as; Click to Call, Web Chat and Online Lead Priority. These enhanced communication channels are effectively managed through the OmniChannel platform, with agents in your call centre or office dealing with online enquiries as a priority, and hence ahead of your competitors.


Acknowledging that corporate governance compliance is business critical for the insurance sector, the feature-set, and indeed flexibility of PCXCom systems enables organisations to meet the immediate and inevitable changing requirements in regard to government Acts and regulatory bodies such as ASIC and ACCC.

Quality Assurance

The QA screen enables your Quality Control team to screen random samples of calls to assess and score agent and group performance. Likewise, the ‘Post Call Survey’ function provides valuable feedback to the organisation from customers.

Workforce Management (WFM)

Improve service levels and reduce staffing costs by closely matching staffing levels to workload with accurate forecasts, and intelligent real-time monitoring and reporting with Workforce Management (WFM) software. Likewise, increase the quality and speed of service, the efficiency of your staffing schedules and lower operational cost and reducing wage expenses. WFM has the following key functions; Rostering; Timesheets; Intraday; Scheduling; Workforce Performance; provides Download: Quality WFM

National & Global Operations

Call centre and PBX technology as onsite systems or cloud services can be configured as a single site, or alternatively across multiple sites in Australia or around the globe; as either centralised or localised models. Likewise, agents can operate from home with full transparency of activity visible via the Supervisor screen. Outsourced Call Centres can also operate on the same PCXCom platform as your own operation, and hence activity is readily available via the Supervisor screen. The ‘Presence’ function also provides absolute transparency of the status of staff across sites, and hence their availability.

Business Continuity

Acknowledging the business critical nature of the insurance sector, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery elements are incorporated in both PCXCom Cloud services and on-premise system infrastructure. For instance, the PCXCom cloud service is managed across multiple data centres in Australia, in addition to strategic global locations for our overseas clients. Data centres are N+1 facilities with UPS & Diesel Generator back-up, multiple telephony back-ups, Dual Power, Hot Swap Raid, Dual Networks, Multi Network Servers, Network Redundancy and Multi Site Access.

Operational Transparency – Quality Reporting

In both graphical and statistical displays, Supervisors and Management alike will have absolute transparency of Contact Centre operations via the Supervisor screen, Call Centre APP, and Wallboards;

  • Real-Time & Historical Performance Management reports
  • Real-Time & Historical Contact Centre Performance reports
  • Call Recording & Live Call Monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • Remote VPN & Smart Device access to Management Reports, Call Centre Reports and Call Recording & Live Call Monitoring

PCXCom systems have four access levels of reporting;

  1. Senior Management | KPI Performance Screen &
  2. Contact Centre | Performance Management WallBoard Display
  3. Supervisor & Team Leader | Supervisor Screen – Performance Management, KPI & System Performance plus the PCXCom Smart Device APP
  4. Agent | Self Performance

CRM Integration

PCXCom call centre systems and cloud services are compatible and can be integrated with any modern CRM software; including; Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, ORO, ZOHO and others; via either an API or alternatively by ‘single click’ access.

Key Functions for the Insurance Sector Operations

What appeals most about PCXCom systems is their reliability and agility to manage the multi-faceted and often complex environments of the insurance sector. Key functions include;

  1. Multi-site capability
  2. Predictive Dialler
  3. Inbound Call Management IVR & ACD
  4. Fully Blended Environments
  5. Call Recording & Monitoring
  6. Workforce Management (WFM)
  7. Payment Gateways
  8. CRM Software Integration
  9. OmniChannel Communications
  10. Integrated Messaging
  11. PCI DSS Compliance