Customer Contact Technology for every Business.

We make it our business to understand industry sectors and how best to integrate your business practices with our highly flexible call centre and office technology. In fact, the way you do business and your future strategic direction, is a conversation had with clients well before determining the benefits of PCXCom technology.

Industry Sectors

PCXCom technology is widely used across multiple industry sectors, and in addition has a range of ‘ready to activate’ modules for a number of these industry sectors, which are designed to cater with the complexities and nuances of some industries.

Business Application Modules

As a result of quality engagement with our clients over the years, PCXCom has developed numerous modules across core business disciplines such as; Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance and Operations.  Business applications modules include;

Business Discipline Business Applications
Sales Lead Generation Appointment Setting Direct Sales Seminar Management Cross-Selling & Up-Selling
Customer Service Account Management Reminders & Renewals Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Complaint Management
Marketing Digital Media Website Traditional Media Research & Surveys
Operations Order Management Dispatch & Fulfillment Reminders Confirmations
Finance Accounts Receivable Loan Repayments Reminders Confirmations


Direct Sales

Effectively solicit customers and prospects alike with PCXCom call centre technology. Moreover, manage the ebbs and flows of the sales process, with a complete audit trail of activity. Moreover, customised agent scripting, FAQ, and performance management reports improve both the consistency and quality of the sales operation.

In addition, the predictive dialler function can improve the productivity of your sales team by up to 300%, when compared with manual dialling. Likewise, verbal and electronic based sales contracts can be processed and automatically tagged to client accounts. PCI DSS compliant credit card transactions can also be processed by agents throughout the system.

Appointment Setting

Improve activity levels, and drive revenue performance with the Appointment Setting module. Moreover, fill the diaries of your sales personnel with end-to-end management of the sales process. Furthermore, attract the best sales personnel to your organisation as a result of having the capability to produce a consistent stream of opportunities to your sales team. In addition, the Appointment Setting module provides a complete audit trail from birth to death of a lead; incorporating unified communications such as; Voice, SMS, Web and Email.

Outbound Lead Generation

Enable prospect lists and create qualified, warm leads for your sales team with the Lead Generation module. The module is an  end-to-end outbound solution, incorporating a complete audit trail of activity. Moreover, PCXCom call centre technology not only improves the quality and consistency of leads being generated, the predictive dialler function alone can generate productivity gains of up to 300%. Likewise, improve performance and business processes with functions such as; Qualification Surveys, Warm Transfers, Expression of Interest etc.

Seminar Management

The Seminar Management module facilitates the complexities and consistent follow-up required to organise and manage a quality seminar. Communicate with customers, prospects and members alike, across multiple communications channels such as; Voice, SMS, Web and Email.

Customer Service

The sophisticated PCXCom Contact Management module effectively manages communication across multiple channels in a Fully Blended environment, with skills-based routing directing individual customers to the most appropriate resource – based on skill-level of particular products, and/or ability for staff to respond via different channels ie; Voice, SMS, Web, Email etc. The core components include; Automatic Call Distribution (ACD); Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR).


Inbound Lead Management

Traditional Media

For many organisations, traditional media remains the engine room for generating sales opportunities. The PCXCom Contact Management ACD & IVR module is designed to optimise peak performance of high consumer volume periods generated from mediums such as television. It also enables businesses to identify which advertising is performing best amongst the media mix.

Website Interaction

Automatically feed leads from your website to agents in your call centre for an instantaneous response to enquiries. Likewise, Web-Chat and Click to Call can also be activated from your website in a similar fashion, which delivers greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Social Media

Similarly to leads generated from your website, the PCXCom Contact Management ACD & IVR module enables agents to communicate in a highly efficient and effective manner via the OmniChannel platform, facilitating; Voice, SMS and Email, Instant Messaging and Click to Call from your website.

Market Research

The Market Research module is a highly efficient method of both collecting and managing data from either single or multiple source/s; facilitated by the OmniChannel communications platform, using channels such as; Voice, SMS, Web, Email and Robo Calling.

The Research module can also be used for any business wanting to conduct surveys, update contact data lists, gather large amounts of data or conduct comprehensive surveys.

Furthermore, the predictive dialler function is also configurable with survey software such as IBM SPSS.


PCXCom technology can be used across a variety of operational applications, such as Dispatch, Customer Service, Reminders, Fulfillment, Inventory Management and Complaint Management; incorporating unified communications such as; Voice, SMS, Web, Email and Social Media.


Account Receivables

Reduce your Debtor Day KPI and record a complete audit trail of client interaction, including call recordings of ‘Promises to Pay’ and ultimately payment of accounts. In addition to Voice, the Accounts Receivable module incorporates unified communications such as; Voice, SMS, Web and Email.

Loan Repayment Management

PCXCom call centre systems effectively manage the complexities of loan repayment management across relevant communication methods via the OmniChannel platform. Scheduled and adhoc ‘Reminders to Pay’ via a preferred communication method such as SMS, or for that matter use multiple channels to significantly reduce late payments. Likewise, the OmniChannel, and in particular the predictive dialler function can be effectively used to follow up lapsed payments in order to reduce defaulting accounts.

CRM Integration

PCXCom call centre systems and cloud services are compatible and can be integrated with any modern CRM software; including; Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, ORO, ZOHO and others; via either an API or alternatively by ‘single click’ access.

PCXCom also has significant expertise in several sectors, such as ‘collections’, fundraising and market research. As a result, our call centre technology has been integrated with various CRM software such as; Wincollect, Debtcol, Collect!, Mercantile, ThankQ, Donman, iMIS, IBM SPSS and various in-house software developed by our clients.