Data Analytics give Businesses the Edge.

PCXCom Data analytics provide management with quality insights of the business, derived from both real-time and historical data in order to effectively access and improve operational performance to achieve business objectives. Likewise, PCXCom’s Predictive Data Analytics enables organisations to determine both the Right Time To Contact individuals and by which communication channel. Moreover, data analytics promotes best practice and advanced list management strategies to optimise campaign performance.

In short, PCXCom’s Predictive Data Analytics empowers organisations to optimise performance via; 1) Preferred Time to Call & Schedule Optimisation 2) Advanced contact analytics 3) Automated decisions and 4) Dynamic campaign management.

Data Management

PCXCom Call Centre Systems incorporate a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) tracking tool that is designed to optimise operational performance; by tracking client interaction with a complete audit trail. The CIM function also allows organisations to build robust, highly qualified prospect databases; to improve the sales effort and shorten the sales-cycle. Importantly, the status of each customer changes with on-going interaction, and hence the contact database is continuously updated.

Data can be exported from the Management Console to generate a set of standard reports; in addition to creating customised reports when required;

  1. Data Access – System database is available for data analysis and front and back office business reporting.
  2. Data Segmentation – Ability to report on each client and campaign based on the segmented data model.
  3. Data Aggregation – Data aggregation can be provisioned through reporting structures for use in statistical analysis.