Reduce Debtor Day KPI’s.

New Generation Accounts Receivable Management

Reduce your Debtor Day KPI with PCXCom systems and cloud services. The predictive dialler is typically used to efficiently manage the Accounts Receivable process. In addition, payment gateways and electronic messaging services such as; SMS and Voice Broadcasting can also improve payment of accounts, and hence mitigate delinquency.

Reduce your Debtor Day KPI with PCXCom systems and cloud services. Moreover, manage your Accounts Receivable (AR) process with greater efficiency and effectiveness – regardless of the size of your operation. The core functions of the PCXCom AR module include; Predictive Dialler, Click-to-Dial, Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Scripts & FAQ, PCI DSS compliant Credit Card payments, and Payment Gateways.

Click-to-Dial | Predictive Dialler

The ‘Click-to-Dial’ function is generally used for small to medium sized operations, in particular B2B applications. Staff simply click on the phone number of the next account, and thereby gain access to your CRM.

On the other hand, the predictive dialler function is best suited for larger operations chasing payment for both B2B and B2C applications. Higher contact rates achieved through the predictive dialler can deliver extraordinary productivity gains of up to 300% from manual dialling. Moreover, the predictive dialler is highly efficient in presenting staff with only live ‘pick-up’ calls – vetting non-productive calls such as; busy, disconnected numbers, no-answers, faxes & answering machines in the process. As a result, the predictive dialler has the capability of increasing agent ‘speak-time’ to around 45-50 minutes every hour –meaning AR staff consistently spend around 80% of their time on the phone chasing payments.

Call Recording

The Call Recording is widely used for quality control and compliance. Nonetheless, what sets quality Call Recording systems aside from others, is the sophistication of its search window. Call Recordings can be linked to client accounts; and retrievable via multiple search fields ie; Date, CLI/Phone Numbers, Phone Number, Account Number, Marked Calls, Channel, Call Duration, Staff ID and Wrap-Up.

AR Scripts & FAQ

AR Scripts and FAQ functions provide both consistency and control of calls for your staff. Importantly, all calls can be recorded and tagged to accounts, whilst PCI DSS compliant credit card payments can be made via a desktop payment gateway.

Data Management

Data can be easily exported from the PCXCom system at the completion of each campaign, or alternatively in real-time to produce outcome reports based on relevant wrap-ups such as ‘promise to pay’.


Electronic messaging is often used as an effective tool in issuing reminders to pay prior to due dates, and indeed prompting payment for overdue accounts. Communication mediums such as SMS, Email and Voice Broadcasting can be activated as a ‘single send’ or as a ‘batch send’, with a complete distribution audit trail.

Payment Gateways

Promote credit card payments via PSI DSS compliant payment gateways, that can be installed on desktops for easy access by staff, or alternatively as stand-alone payment gateways configured with an Auto Attendant to facilitate automatic payments.

Collections Software Integration

PCXCom systems have been integrated with collections software such as; Wincollect, Debtcol, Collect!, Mercantile; and various other software that has developed in-house by our clients. In addition, your staff can easily interact with legacy systems such as; Xero, MYOB, Reckon and Atlassian.