PCXCom is an Australian organisation, celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. In fact, its origins date back to 1988 in servicing the utilities sector with complex data management solutions. PCXCom has subsequently become a key player in the ICT space, having developed sophisticated, IP based call centre and office systems that are designed to improve both the performance and quality of customer facing operations.

Incorporating PowerConnex, PCXCom is a progressive organisation, with expertise in IP based software and telephony. As a highly innovative and agile ICT player, PCXCom is committed to investing in R&D, and hence continuous improvement.  As a result, PCXCom has won numerous industry awards in the Asia Pacific region, and is Microsoft accredited and an IBM partner.

Global Footprint

In addition to our Sydney, Brisbane and Manila operations, PCXCom has exclusive agent representation in Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, New York and London. Manila is our Asian hub, servicing the UK, USA and Australian marketplaces on a 24/7 basis. Global distribution of services is also readily available via our extensive Cloud services.

Our Philosophy

PCXCom applies best practice principles throughout the organisation, and likewise, is committed to quality products and services, innovation, continuous improvement and investment in R&D. Moreover, PCXCom is in relentless pursuit of delivering extraordinary outcomes for clients, employees & stakeholders alike.

With our DNA firmly grounded in Australia, we fully engage with our clients in order to develop mutually rewarding relationships that promote quality outcomes and competitive advantage. In building quality relationships, we recognise the importance of establishing relationships inclusive of technical, operational and commercial perspectives in the delivery of business critical call centre and office technology.

Continuous Upgrades

In order for our clients to better meet the demands of an increasingly competitive and sophisticated marketplace, PCXCom applies continuous software upgrades to its products and services, and hence our technology remains contemporary, and our clients are not subjected to expensive upgrades of replacement of technology into the future.

Extraordinary Customer Experience

Service starts at PCXCom with our quality personnel that thrive in an environment of learning and continuous improvement. Our staff are committed to providing an extraordinary level of customer service.

Dynamic & Flexible Price Models

Collectively, PCXCom’s quality technology, flexible price models & cost-centre reports, enable our clients to manage fluctuations in scale, and indeed effectively meet the challenges of an environment of continuous change.

Australian based R&D

PCXCom innovation and software development is based in Australia, and hence our technical relationships with clients are also locally based. Importantly, this enables us to respond to the demands of the Australian marketplace in a timely and accurate manner; without the requirement to escalate work to an overseas R&D department.

Australian based Support

The PCXCom Technical Service Desk is located across our Sydney and Brisbane offices – operating extended business hours, with direct phone access and/or use of our client portal. Ticketing and rigorous processes are applied to each client request, with a 24/7 service also available.

System Implementation & Service Activation

PCXCom incorporates thorough planning, project management and testing throughout the implementation and activation of our technology. Likewise, PCXCom has considerable expertise in transitioning both midsize and large sites (in both size and operational complexity) to its platform from incumbent technologies – adopting either a transformational or incremental implementation.

Gain an Unfair Advantage with PCXCom.

Here’s 10 Reasons to Engage with us:

  1. Competitive Advantage: Drive & Improve Business Performance
  2. Continuous Software Upgrades: Contemporary Technology
  3. Future-Proof Technology: No More Expensive Upgrades
  4. Flexible: Cloud | On-Premise | Hybrid Technology
  5. Scalable: Technology for Business Day Requirements
  6. Reliable: Mutually Rewarding Business & Technical Relationships
  7. Responsive: Local Technical Support Desk
  8. Robust: Suitable for Large Scale & Business Critical Operations
  9. Cost Effective: Bundled Price Models
  10. Proprietary Software: Locally based Senior ICT Staff


PCXCom Office Locations:


Hyper Center,
Level 3, 50 Sanders Street
Mt Gravatt 4122
Ph: +61 7 3849 9600


70-76 Alexander Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Ph: 1300 650 119


Lvl 31  Chatham house
169 Rufino Street
Makatai Manila
(US) 1877 334 2750