Revenue Optimisation.

Drive Productivity | Increase Revenue | Reduce Costs

Drive revenue growth with PCXCom call centre technology. Moreover, gain operational and technical capabilities to develop high activity sales teams to; 1) optimise sales performance 2) develop new revenue streams 3) improve sales pipeline management & close ratios 4) effectively up-sell & cross-sell products & services and 5) improve lead generation.

Furthermore, the advanced feature-set of PCXCom call centre technology promotes exceptional operational efficiency and effectiveness in order to drive revenue growth. The Agent Interface for instance, promotes both quality and consistency in customer engagement – features include;

  1. Customised Scripting
  2. Customised FAQ
  3. Customised Call Wrap-Ups
  4. Individual & Group Live Performance Report

Customer Facing Engagement

A key use of PCXCom call centre technology is to accommodate the significant demands associated with the coalface of an organisation – in either acquiring or retaining customers.

Client Acquisition

The PCXCom call centre platform is inherently designed around business performance, and hence, is ‘stand-out’ technology amongst its contemporaries. PCXCom call centre technology provides businesses with the capability to attend to sales leads well ahead of your competitors.

Progressive organisations in the new business paradigm are changing the way the use technology in their pursuit of market share. Moreover, quality engagement through multi-channel communications with potential customers is now an imperative; and therefore progressive organisations utilise the PCXCom multi-channel capabilities of the OmniChannel platform to deliver high levels of engagement and hence improve revenue performance. Communication channels include; Voice, SMS, Email, Voice Broadcasting, Web-Chat, Click to Call, IVR, Social Media and Websites.


Outbound acquisition activities are best managed through the predictive dialler function of the call centre platform; which can be used for high activity market saturation strategies, or alternatively a more targeted approach by using the predictive dialler and the OmniChannel platform with greater finesse.


PCXCom call centre technology gives organisations the capability to manage inbound sales leads in both a prompt and efficient manner – and across multiple channels. The OmniChannel platform efficiently manages leads generated from multiple communication channels such as; Voice, Email or Websites. Likewise, in a fully blended environment, inbound leads can prioritised over outbound prospecting in order to optimise sales opportunities.


Client Retention

The Pareto Principle; 80/20 Rule, is none more apparent than in today’s highly competitive environment. As a result, companies increasingly use PCXCom technology, such as the predictive dialler function to secure client-bases, and in addition capitalise on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Proactive activity of this nature not only produces revenue gains, it can also mitigate the potential risk of competitor activity resulting in churn of your client base.