Game Changing Technology to Drive Business Performance.

Client Acquisition & Retention | Cost Management | Improved Profitability

The capabilities and effciencies of PCXCom systems enable the leadership group of an organisation to effectively implement, manage and control business strategies. Not only is the OmniChannel platform designed to optimise business performance, the sophisticated reporting function provides management at all levels with meaningful information to successfully execute the strategic direction of the business.

Moreover, PCXCom systems provide management with relevant information in a timely and accurate manner, and hence equip the organisation with tools to improved business results through; saving costs, risk mitigate, productivity gains and compliance.

In the new business paradigm, companies are changing the way technology is used in their pursuit of marketshare. As a result, organisations increasingly seek to adopt advanced customer contact technology such as PCXCom in order to meet the demands of an environment of constant change.

PCXCom’s game changing technology is inherently designed to improve business performance, and hence is a ‘stand-out’ technology amongst its contemporaries. In other words, PCXCom gives organisations the capability to optimise business performance; increase revenue; improve productivity; and reduce operational costs in order to improve profitability.

Management Role Business Disciplines
CEO Strategy Development & Leadership Business Transparency Meaningful Performance Management & Financial Information P&L Efficiencies Compliance
CFO Improved Financial Performance & Leadership Meaningful Financial Information Risk Management Operational Cost Savings TCO Savings
COO Improved Operational Performance & Leadership Operational Transparency Operational Efficiencies Customer Loyalty
Sales Director Improved Revenue Performance & Leadership Improved Lead Generation Increased Conversion Rates Increased Contact Rates
Contact Centre Manager Operational Control & Leadership Live Performance Management Reports Historical Performance Reports

Revenue Performance

Customer Facing Engagement

AdobeStock_52998377PCXCom technology gives organisations the capability to effectively manage the increasing demands of your business at the coldface. Meaning that your business will have increasing capability to efficiently acquire and retain customers, and indeed reduce customer churn. Respond to sales opportunities with immediacy, and ahead of your competitors. Moreover, drive business performance through high activity, end-to-end customer engagement, and experience quantum shifts in productivity via a highly sophisticated, and fully blended, Inbound Contact Management (ACD & IVR) and Outbound Predictive Dialler environment. Importantly, also deliver a consistency in dialog across multiple communication channels.

Client Acquisition

Drive revenue growth with PCXCom technology. Moreover, gain the technical and operational capabilities to develop high activity sales teams, and indeed creation of new revenue streams. Likewise, cross-sell your products and services to existing clients and up-sell to prospects and clients alike. Furthermore, the feature rich, PCXCom platform facilitates exceptional operational efficiencies and effectiveness to drive revenue growth.


The OmniChannel platform provides organisations with any number functions to facilitate business strategies. For instance, outbound acquisition activities are often best managed via the predictive dialler, SMS and Voice Broadcast functions for high activity, market saturation strategies; or alternatively, a more targeted approach may adopt greater finesse, with either a single communication channel, or alternatively multiple channels such as; Voice, SMS, Email, Web and Social Media.


Critical in today’s rapid pace of business, PCXCom technology will provide your organisation with the capability to attend to sales leads well ahead of competitors.  Moreover, PCXCom technology gives organisations the capability to manage inbound sales leads in both a prompt and efficient manner – across multiple channels. The OmniChannel platform facilitates leads generated from multiple channels such as; Voice, SMS, Email, Voice Broadcasting, Web-Chat, Click to Call, IVR, Social Media and your website. Likewise, in a fully blended environment, inbound leads can prioritised over outbound prospecting in order to optimise sales opportunities.

Client Retention

Pareto Principle; 80/20 Rule, is none more apparent than in today’s highly competitive environment. Increasingly, companies use PCXCom technology and the functions such as the predictive dialler to secure a client-base, and in addition capitalise on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. As such, proactive activity produces revenue gains, as well as mitigate the risk of competitor activity and potential churn of your client base.

Multi-channel functions such as the predictive dialler and Inbound ACD & IVR, enable businesses to effectively communicate and engage with thousands of customers in an efficient, effective, methodical and strategic manner; and across multiple channels, such as; Voice, SMS, Voice Broadcasting, Web Chat, Email, and Social Media.

As a result, organisations using PCXCom technology have the capability promote best practice business solutions in order to secure client bases, and indeed generate new revenue opportunities from quality customer service and engagement.

Cost Management

Operational costs savings can be achieved across the spectrum with PCXCom. In particular, cost saving opportunities can be derived from;

  1. Service Support & Maintenance
  2. Productivity Gains
  3. Labour Costs
  4. Telecommunications

Service Support & Maintenance

Included in our fees, PCXCom provides comprehensive support services for both its on-premise systems and cloud services. As a result, other than the support of your own ICT infrastructure, additional ICT heads are unlikely.

Productivity Gains

The increased capability derived from PCXCom technology, and the functions of the OmniChannel platform, provide organisations with the ability develop multi-faceted business strategies that drive business performance with unprecedented productivity gains throughout an organisation.

Multi-channel functions such as the predictive dialler and Inbound ACD & IVR, enable businesses to effectively communicate and engage with thousands of customers in an efficient, effective, methodical and strategic manner; and across multiple channels, such as; Voice, SMS, Voice Broadcasting, Web Chat, Email, and Social Media. Moreover, effective customer contact and hence engagement can be expanded through automation, and hence not requiring often costly human intervention.

The predictive dialler function is often the single biggest productivity driver introduced into organisations – achieving higher customer contact rates with extraordinary productivity gains of up to 300%, compared to manual dialling. Likewise, the sophistication and highly efficient back-end of the predictive dialler function, in effect, presents agents with live ‘pick-up’ calls only – efficiently vetting non-productive calls such as; busy, disconnected numbers, no-answers, faxes & answering machines. As a result, the predictive dialler has the capability of increasing agent ‘speak-time’ to around 45-50 minutes every hour – meaning agents consistently spend around 80% of their time on the phone either acquiring new customers, and/or retaining or cross-selling to your client base.

Labour Costs

Labour efficiencies can be derived from several aspects of PCXCom systems. Firstly, Workforce Management optimises staffing requirements and hence efficient use of personnel for each shift.  Secondly, the extraordinary productivity gains of PCXCom systems via automation and efficient back-ends, means that, in effect, fewer human resources are required to complete tasks in a timely and accurate manner. Thirdly, the multi-site capability of PCXCom systems, enables organisations to utilise regions with a lower labour costs.


Telecommunication cost savings are achieved through efficient call handling and back-end sophistication of the PCXCom systems – from both an inbound and outbound perspective. Secondly, call wastage is mitigated by effectively utilising the multiple communication channels of the OmniChannel platform, such as; Voice, SMS, Email, and Voice Broadcasting.


Drive revenue growth and reduce operating costs with PCXCom’s advanced call centre and business technology. Moreover, the OmniChannel platform provides organisations with increased capability to deliver quantum shifts in productivity, waste reduction, customer contact rates and engagement – via a fully blended environment. Moreover, improve profitability through cost efficient and relevant communication across multiple channels ie; Voice, SMS, Email, Speech, Instant Messaging, Social Media, and the Web.

Operational Transparency – Quality Reporting

What gets measured, gets done! Drive profitability through quality reporting that provides absolute operational transparency via;Devices-app-desktop-laptop-mobile-tablet

  • Real-Time & Historical Performance Management reports
  • Real-Time & Historical Contact Centre Performance reports
  • Call Recording & Live Call Monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • Remote VPN & Smart Device access to Management Reports, Contact Centre Reports and Call Recording & Live Call Monitoring

PCXCom systems have four access levels of reporting;

  1. Senior Management | KPI Performance Screen & Cost Centre Reports
  2. Contact Centre | Performance Management WallBoard Display
  3. Supervisor & Team Leader | Supervisor Screen – Performance Management, KPI & System Performance plus the PCXCom Smart Device APP
  4. Agent | Self Performance

Cost Centre Reports

Customised commercial reports generated by PCXCom, provide management with meaningful information in order to allocate costs to different departments and/or your clients; as well as determine the costs and profitability of individual campaigns.